The VTN Commerce Club is a community of buyers and sellers joined together to make a positive impact on the world through entertainment and shopping. Together we raise awareness—and money—for families battling cancer, military veterans, law enforcement officers, victims of human trafficking, and children of fallen heroes. It is an online marketplace where you use your purchase power to DO GOOD in the world.

And have fun doing it!

Shoppers can follow special promotions seen on The Stu & Laurie Variety Hour television show to win cash, prizes, and special discounts every week.

Merchants offer shoppers exclusive club discounts on products and services. And they gain TV exposure for their brands, products and businesses through opportunities to be featured on The Stu & Laurie Variety Hour.

Join the club to shop, play, and make a difference!



The VTN Commerce Club is a community of buyers and sellers joined together to make a positive impact on the world through entertainment and shopping. Together we raise awareness—and money—for families battling cancer, military veterans, law enforcement officers, victims of human trafficking, and children of fallen heroes. It is an online marketplace where you use your purchase power to DO GOOD in the world.

And have fun doing it!

Shoppers can follow special promotions seen on The Stu & Laurie Variety Hour television show to win cash, prizes, and special discounts every week.

Merchants offer shoppers exclusive club discounts on products and services. And they gain TV exposure for their brands, products and businesses through opportunities to be featured on The Stu & Laurie Variety Hour.

Join the club to shop, play, and make a difference!


The VTN Commerce Club is the only online marketplace that integrates entertainment TV with online shopping. Discover great deals and great brands while you enjoy uplifting family entertainment.

Benefits of Entertainment Shopping


Cash and Prizes Awarded
Every Week

Join the fun every week for your chance to win product giveaways and coupons, instant-win games, sweepstakes grand prizes, and cash prizes of up to $5,000.


Where Buying and Selling
Makes a Difference

With every purchase you make on the VTN Commerce Club, you will help support a cause that makes a positive difference in the world for veterans, first responders, and other dedicated charities.


Get Exclusive

VTN Commerce Club members get exclusive discounts on thousands of products and services from VTN Merchants.

Variety Reimagined for Today

The Stu and Laurie Variety Hour revives the beloved TV variety show format with an updated twist for today’s viewers. Like the classic variety shows of old, it is wholesome family fun and the perfect antidote to the divisive and harsh programming that is so prevalent on entertainment TV today. The program combines these elements with high-end digital effects, animation and virtual reality-like productions to reimagine the visual experience. The format, with its short segments and fast pace is perfectly suited for how people consume entertainment today. It’s like a live version of the internet!

Ad-Free Entertainment TV

The Stu and Laurie Variety Hour is the first to seamlessly integrate brands into the program so you can enjoy the show without the interruption of TV advertising. Instead, you experience brands through SponsorMagic segments that entertain through sketches, songs, product placements, demos, and other storytelling highlights.



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USA TODAY’s small business columnist Steve Strauss is a thought leader, global speaker, spokesperson, and author of 17 books including the best-selling Small Business Bible. He is an advisor and spokesperson for Fortune 500 companies like Bank of America, Microsoft, Staples, Dun & Bradstreet, Intel, and Proctor & Gamble. He also serves on the board of the World Entrepreneurship Forum. In everything he does, Steve focusses on helping entrepreneurs succeed and find customers to grow their business. No wonder he is often called “the country’s leading small business expert.

USA TODAY’s small business columnist Steve Strauss is a thought leader, global speaker, spokesperson, and author of 17 books including the best-selling Small Business Bible. He is an advisor and spokesperson for Fortune 500 companies like Bank of America, Microsoft, Staples, Dun & Bradstreet, Intel, and Proctor & Gamble. He also serves on the board of the World Entrepreneurship Forum. In everything he does, Steve focusses on helping entrepreneurs succeed and find customers to grow their business. No wonder he is often called “the country’s leading small business expert.

Technologies—whether online or offline—are all about connecting with people. When you put relationships first and business second, you’ll naturally attract a large audience that wants to do business with you.

Mari Smith is one of the world’s foremost experts on Facebook marketing. She is an in-demand keynote speaker, brand evangelist, and best-selling author of The New Relationship Marketing. Mari consults with businesses, brands, and individuals to help them utilize social media to build relationships, build brand identity, and generate sales. She is a perennial on the Forbes list of Top Ten Social Media Influencers. Mari will be a regular guest on The Stu and Laurie Variety Hour and a social media strategy advisor for the VTN Commerce Club.

Thank you for joining me in my wish to make the world better for the next cancer survivor. Together we can change the face and identity of cancer.

The most recognized male figure skating star in the world, Scott Hamilton has won 70 titles, including an Olympic gold medal in 1984. Since then he has shared his enthusiasm for the sport as a TV analyst/commentator, performer, producer, and best-selling author. He also inspires others as a speaker, humanitarian, and as a cancer survivor. In 2014 he launched The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, which supports research that accelerates the advancement of less toxic treatment for isolated cancers and tumors with precision proton beam therapy and prevention of the spread of cancer with targeted immunotherapy drugs.

We want to change the way the world does business by focusing on giving first, and getting second. That’s how givers gain.

Ivan Misner is a humanitarian, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and business networking consultant for major corporations and associations around the world. He is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Business Network International, the world’s largest business networking organization. It is no wonder CNN calls him “the father of modern networking.” Ivan is business development advisor for the VTN Commerce Club.

Thank you VTN Commerce Club for helping HAPCOA increase community involvement in support of law enforcement professionals.

Anthony Chapa is the Executive Director of the Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association (HAPCOA), the oldest and largest association in the U.S. of Hispanic American command officers from law enforcement and criminal justice agencies at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels. Through HAPCOA, chiefs of police, sheriffs, and police superintendents from around the country are committed to meeting the challenges of selection, promotion, and retention of Hispanic American men and women in professional law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Tony also served as Assistant Director in the U.S. Secret Service Department of Homeland Security for 22 years.

Heather Schafer has been the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer for the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) since 1994. Prior to that she worked for the President’s Chief of Staff in the Clinton administration. The NVFC is the leading nonprofit association representing the interests of volunteer fire, EMS, and rescue service members. It provides resources, programs, education, and advocacy for first responders across the nation.

Children of fallen heroes need mentors and opportunities to build confidence and give them hope.Your support helps them write their own stories for success in life.

Joe Lewis is a retired Lieutenant Colonel with 25 years of service across the three separate branches of the U.S. military. After retiring from the Air Force in 2013, he founded Angels of America’s Fallen (AOAF) to support children of fallen military, law enforcement, firefighter, and EMT personnel. The mission of AOAF is to encourage and fund positive activities to help these children develop self-confidence and personal identity through sports, music, arts, and other healthy outlets for their grief.

It all starts with our "Why", which is Helping People Grow. That remains ever-constant. The How and What are secondary.

Sean Fernandes is the Business Head and Director of Scion Social & a Board Member of Family Development Services.

He is a digital marketing expert and authority in the field of Digital Presence & generating ROI through Digital Marketing efforts.

Scion Social is an award-winning digital marketing agency with a global footprint. They are passionate about helping businesses grow and achieve their Business Objectives through strategic Digital Marketing.

Family Development Services, through it's flagship programs Building Blocks and Project +10, works closely with families from less privileged backgrounds in India by providing children from these communities a well-rounded education that is central for breaking out of intergenerational poverty traps.

Partnering with the VTN Commerce Club is a great way for us to promote our mentoring, training, and citizenship programs to inspire our communities and our youth.

Roy Garivey is a national Board Member and Past President of the National Latino Police Officers Association (NLPOA). The NLPOA is a fraternal/professional association dedicated to providing support, advocacy, and personal and professional development to its members that helps to eliminate discrimination in the Criminal Justice System, particularly in law enforcement. Its mission is also to prevent and reduce juvenile delinquency, bridge the gap between the Latino community and police, and to lessen neighborhood tensions in Latino communities through awareness, role modeling, and bi-lingual assistance to the public.

Jaco Booyens is a producer, director and president/CEO of After Eden Pictures, a production company with a mission to transform and impact culture through film. He is the founder of SHARETogether, a nonprofit organization that fights the global crisis of Sex Trafficking. SHARETogether raises money and public awareness for programs that rescue victims of child sexual exploitation and help to rehabilitate survivors so they can reintegrate into society

Cancer is the number one disease killer of our children. They have no voice in their cancer care options—unless we advocate for them.

Jessica Hester is the Executive Director of Brooke’s Blossoming Hope for Childhood Cancer Foundation. Named for her daughter Brooke who tragically lost her battle with cancer at age eight, Brooke’s Blossoming Hope raises global awareness for pediatric cancers, advocates for research and legislation, and donates decorative headwear to children who have lost their hair while fighting the disease.

Dr. Johnson: Dr. Johnson Obamehinti is an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ with a heart to serve people in God’s love.

Dr. Feyi: Dr. Feyi Obamehinti is an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ with a heart to serve people in God’s love.

Oasis Focus, Inc

Dr. Johnson:
Dr. Johnson Obamehinti is an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ with a heart to serve people in God’s love. He and his wife are founders of Oasis Focus Inc, a nonprofit organization that reaches public schools, marketplace, and families with the message of hope in Christ. A former Muslim, Johnson answered the call to salvation in Jesus Christ during his teenage years at an evangelistic crusade in his hometown in Nigeria, Africa. Risking his life as the son of a well-known Muslim Cleric, Johnson was a frequent interpreter for open crusades in his hometown. As one of the few African American veterinary nutritionists in United States; Johnson formulated diets for over 200 species of animals as the first African American veterinary nutritionist at the renowned Dallas Zoo for sixteen years. As a marketplace leader, he currently provides leadership in quality assurance services for manufacturing companies, ensuring food design, food sanitation, quality control and strategic management for producing the best and quality products. An author, speaker and host of Oasis Connection TV, a weekly broadcast featuring practical hope for victorious living from God’s word, Johnson is passionate about people being saved, restored, and fully equipped for their destinies. He and his wife live in Keller, Texas. They are blessed with three adult daughters that live in different parts of the world.

Dr. Feyi:
Dr. Feyi Obamehinti is an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ with a heart to serve people in God’s love. She and her husband are founders of Oasis Focus Inc, a nonprofit organization that reaches public schools, marketplace, and families with the message of hope in Christ. Feyi was born in Phoenix, Arizona and grew up in Nigeria, Africa with her paternal grandparents. Though raised in a traditional Christian home, Feyi was born again at a youth camp and answered the call of God on her life at age 15. She has over 20 years of experience in the educational field as a homeschool mom, elementary, middle school and high school math and science teacher in inner city public schools where she worked with underprivileged students and their families. A dynamic international and national trainer/speaker, Feyi loves empowering and equipping people. She is sought after consultant and advisor for local, state, and federal agencies. An author, public servant, and host of Oasis Connection TV, a weekly broadcast featuring practical hope for victorious living from God’s word, Feyi is a passionate life educator who loves helping people thrive through Biblical principles, educational awareness, and best practices in the marketplace. She and her husband live in Keller, Texas. They are blessed with three adult daughters that live in different parts of the world.

Josh Tolley is a 3x best-selling author on Amazon and a nationally syndicated talk show host who's ranked in the Top 100 Business Trainers in the World.

Josh Tolley is a 3x best-selling author on Amazon and a nationally syndicated talk show host who's ranked in the Top 100 Business Trainers in the World. Josh has been featured on numerous television networks such as CBS, TBN, NBC and Daytime, and his YouTube channel maintains over 156k subscribers. People from all over the world have turned to Josh for advice in finance, business, sales, entrepreneurship, marketing, advertising and self-employment. Find out what he can do for you and your business!

Texas 4-H is a club for kids and teens ages 5-18. As the largest youth development program in Texas with more than 550,000 youth each year, no matter where you live or what you like to do.

Texas 4-H is a club for kids and teens ages 5-18. As the largest youth development program in Texas with more than 550,000 youth each year, no matter where you live or what you like to do, Texas 4-H has something that lets you be a better you! You may think 4-H is only for your friends with animals, but it’s so much more! You can do activities like shooting sports, food science, healthy living, robotics, fashion, and photography. Look for 4-H clubs at your school, an after-school program, a community center, or even on base or through the reserves for military families. Texas 4-H is part of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the Texas A&M System. Founded in 1908, 4-H is the largest youth development program in Texas, reaching more than 550,000 youth each year.

Texas 4-H is a club for kids and teens to develop life skills, make friends, learn about the world around them, and have fun! Youth join a 4-H club and participate in a project of their choice while they make friends, learn together, and serve their community! Texas 4-H members are youth ages 8-18 in grades 3-12. Texas 4-H also thrives on adult volunteers! As the largest youth development program in the nation, Texas 4-H impacts more than 550,000 youth each year. 4-H youth are four times more likely to contribute to their communities, two times more likely to participate in science programs outside of school, and two times more likely to make healthier choices. Texas 4-H has five main project areas, Agriculture & Livestock, Family & Community Health, Leadership & Citizenship, Natural Resources, and STEM. Youth can put their knowledge to the test at the county, district, state, and national levels. From the High Plains to the Rio Grande Valley, in county livestock barns and school classrooms, 4-H is all around and there is a 4-H club near you! The 4-H Motto is To Make the Best Better and the 4-H Pledge is, I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living. Learn more at

Sgt. Johnny Rafael Nunez is an active member of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) with more than 22 years of experience. From 2002 to 2006 he served as an instructor in the law department of the New York City Police Academy

Sgt. Johnny Rafael Nunez is an active member of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) with more than 22 years of experience. From 2002 to 2006 he served as an instructor in the law department of the New York City Police Academy until 2005 when he obtained his promotion to Sergeant and was assigned to the 42nd Precinct in the South Bronx In October 2006, Sergeant Nunez returned to the Academy as an Executive Trainer for the more than 900 Executive Members of the NYPD in the rank of Captain and above. Sergeant Nunez has been a representative of the unit to foreign dignitaries and police executives who have visited the New York Police Academy from Germany, Singapore, Israel, Budapest, Poland, Brazil, Spain, Abu Dhabi, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Peru and the Dominican Republic, among other jurisdictions.

Sergeant Núñez maintains a proactive community activism by offering conferences on domestic violence and gang awareness, as well as coordinating Disaster Management and Dignitary Protection training for members of the Dominican National Police. Sergeant Núñez has been a worthy representative of his homeland, recognized by several Dominican organizations in New York, for example, the Citizen Merit Honor award was awarded to him by the Dominican Government, through the Consulate General of the Dominican Republic in New York, on March 17, 2011.

In 2012, Sergeant Núñez founded the Global Alliance of Hispanic Law Enforcement Professionals (GAHLEP) which serves as a conduit for all Hispanic law enforcement professionals worldwide. Its mission is to improve the individual and collective competence of its members in the fulfillment of their duties and to promote fraternal, educational, charitable and social activities. One of its objectives is to act as a liaison for their counterparts in other
jurisdictions who can seek assistance in the knowledge of their members so that they can achieve better professionalization in their respective departments. In the same year 2012, Sergeant Nunez traveled to the Dominican Republic to offer an informational seminar on domestic violence to the community of Guayabal in Santiago and a tactical communication seminar for the Municipal Police of Santiago. In 2013, Sergeant Núñez returned to the Dominican Republic to present a workshop to the Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Congress entitled, "The DNA of

In 2015, Sergeant Nunez served as an expert on behalf of the New York City Police Department on a New York State panel, addressing the issue of police relations with the community. He also served as a guest lecturer invited by the dean of the criminal justice department at Briarcliffe College in Long Island New York. During 2016, Sergeant Nunez was responsible for developing and disseminating the Curriculum on Investigative Street Encounters (Levels of Suspicion), the Stop, Question & Frisk, and the New York City Police Department's (NYPD) Use of Force Policy. In 2017, Sergeant Nunez successfully completed the highly coveted Leadership Institute Program in the New York City Department of Administrative Services (DCAS) and developed a two-day training course for newly appointed Legal Office Supervisor attorneys in the New York City Police Department.

Since 2018, Sergeant Nunez has been part of the Uniformed Promotions Unit tasked with coordinating the leadership training curriculum for new sergeants, lieutenants and captains. In 2019, his GAHLEP organization signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Hispanic American Association of Police Command Officers (HAPCOA). The MOU was signed on Wednesday, May 1, 2019, during the 45th National Police Training Symposium held in Baltimore, MD, which included the assistance of U.S. Vice President, The Honorable Mike Pence.

In addition, GAHLEP signed another Institutional Agreement with the National Police of the Dominican Republic that consists in part with the willingness to meet with its Police Academies and educational institutions to evaluate their current curriculum and help them develop and coordinate ongoing training for their police officers that is scenarios based and that adapts to the geographical and social cultural environment of the country. In November last year, GAHLEP also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Public Security of the Republic of Panama.

Sergeant Nunez holds a bachelor's degree from Hunter College as a high school math teacher and a master's degree in public administration (MPA) from Baruch College. In addition, he is An Assistant Professor in the Criminal Justice Department of ASA College, teaching the Introduction to Criminology course. Sergeant Nunez is certified by the Criminal Justice Services Division (DCJS) of the State of New York as a general Topics Instructor and Evaluator and by the New York City Department of Education as a Per Diem Acting Professor.

Vince Everett Ellison is a formidable man whose unique, grounded perspective comes from foundational life experiences and education.

Vince was born on a cotton plantation in Haywood County in West Tennessee to parents who, at the time, were sharecroppers. Through hard work and faith in Jesus Christ, his father prospered in the insurance industry, pulling himself and his seven siblings out of poverty and into the middle class. The Ellison Family gospel singing group was formed when Vince was in grade school. The group continued performing through his college years with broad exposure in the Black Church and gospel music community. Through his experiences in gospel music, Vince gained intimate knowledge of the inner workings and failings of many of the Black Ministers in the Black Church.

Vince studied academically at Memphis State University; however, he received a real-world education while working as a correctional officer at a maximum-security prison in South Carolina. Vince later worked in the non-profit arena with many African American civic organizations. He experienced the underworld of politics in 2000 after becoming the Republican nominee in the 6th Congressional District of South Carolina.

These many life experiences have given Vince a unique insight. From this vantage point, he has been able to recognize, dissect, expose, and answer many of the questions regarding race, religion, and politics that have dogged America for years. His books, blogs, interviews, and podcasts share required knowledge for all Americans who desire understanding, reconciliation, and freedom.

"According to the Global Slavery Index, 40.3 million people live in modern-day slavery because of human trafficking. Around the world, Love Justice International trains and places monitors at borders and transit points to identify and stop trafficking as it is occurring, BEFORE beautiful lives are exploited and sold into slavery. Since LJI intervenes as the crime of trafficking occurs, they are able to collect immensely valuable data on traffickers and their networks. Through their data analysis and investigations, they've assisted authorities in the arrests of hundreds of traffickers.

In addition to fighting human trafficking, LJI cares for orphaned and abandoned children in some of the poorest parts of the world. Learn more about their work at LoveJustice.NGO."

Jeff Brain founded CloutHub. Jeff is the Chief Executive Officer and principal benefactor and shareholder of the Company.

"The vision for CloutHub™ came from the frustration of trying to use the existing popular platforms in an effort to make a difference and discovering their limitations. Many of these sites are referred to as “Look at Me” sites, where people are interested in the number of their followers, likes and friends. But the sites aren’t designed to allow users to discuss, meet, collaborate, solve, advocate and influence the important issues that matter.

Jeff has extensive experience in community efforts to improve the quality of lives of other people. He founded a community street fair in his former community of Sherman Oaks, California to raise money for the local schools that has continued for 27 years. He Co-founded the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley after the Northridge Earthquake as a collaboration of business groups to attract and keep business and jobs in the San Fernando Valley. He founded a community Town Council that brought together diverse interests in his community such as schools, homeowner groups, businesses groups, major employers and elected officials to meet regularly to discuss and solve community problems.

Jeff was appointed to chair the revitalization of one of Los Angeles's most important commercial corridors. The plan had a budget of $220 million, and as a result of bringing local homeowner and business groups together, they were able to create a better plan to achieve their goals, while reducing the budget to $75 Million. He served as a commissioner on the Los Angeles Government Efficiency commission under Mayor Richard Riordan and worked with diverse interests to improve community services. He also initiated and led a six-year community driven movement in Los Angeles pushing for Government reform to allow communities to have more control over their own affairs. This movement was credited with the city revising its longstanding charter to create neighborhood councils and include the neighborhood councils in the decision making and budgeting process of the City. As a result of Jeff's approach of inclusiveness, outreach and consensus building, during the peak of his activities, he was named one of the top 10 LA civic leaders by The Los Angeles Times and was named the most outstanding Realtor Active in Politics in California by the California Association of Realtors.

The result of Jeff's experience is the creation of a purpose driven social media platform, called CloutHub™. CloutHub™ is a robust next generation social media app that is comprehensive, powerful and uses the internet’s ability to connect people over wide geographic areas and gives them with the ability to positively share and collaborate on today’s tending topics and empowers people to make the world a better place.
Professional Background

Jeff Brain is an entrepreneur, thought leader, business executive & civic leader. Prior to starting CloutHub, he was Co-founder & CEO of Ciralight Global, Inc. an energy saving solar lighting company. In 2014 their product was named the best carbon reducing building product of the year. Before that he was CEO of a food company, he started with Smokey Robinson the legendary singer, featuring southern cuisine. The company gained national distribution in supermarkets within 18 months. Prior to that Jeff Founded and led Valley Vote, one of the largest government reform efforts in recent history.

As President of Valley Vote he presided over a Board of Directors of 100 top community and business leaders, directed 2,000 volunteers and a team of professional consultants and attorneys. Jeff was responsible for gathering over 234,000 signatures, more than 25% of the total registered voters of the San Fernando Valley to initiate reform of Los Angeles. He managed all the business functions, including media relations, community outreach, public speaking, budgeting, strategic planning, and legislative affairs.

Jeff has been involved with and led many community organizations. Jeff has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting, both from the California State University of Northridge. Jeff is a member of Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California and has been a small group leader for five years.

My AFMobile was founded as a way to say thank you to the men and women who keep our country safe. To achieve this we provide affordable and reliable cellular service as well as internet for Rural areas and RVs which helps individuals across the nation ensure they stay connected no matter where they go.

In addition, everyone on our network gives back to the men and women who bravely and selflessly serve our great nation. In order to say thank you, we donate a portion of our annual profits to Operation Support Our Veterans, a nonprofit organization that funds programs supporting the active-duty military, veterans, and first responders around the country.

First Responders Children’s Foundation also supports, promotes, and facilitates educational activities and programs created and operated by law enforcement and firefighting organizations whose purpose is to benefit children or the community at large.

First Responders Children’s Foundation began in 2002 as the National Law Enforcement & Firefighter Children’s Foundation. Founder Alfred R. Kahn hosted the first annual Thanksgiving Day Parade Breakfast in November, 2001 just eleven weeks after the 9/11 tragedy. His hope was to provide the families of New York’s first responders lost in the line of duty with a positive, supportive, and festive atmosphere as they entered what was certain to be a very difficult holiday season. There continues to be a clear need to help and support the families of first responders across the country with crucial assistance when disaster strikes. The Foundation awards scholarships and grants and works with departments, businesses, and local communities to reach children in need of assistance across the country.


Tara Hladky is a native of Grand Island, Nebraska and studied medical coding at the University of Nebraska. Tara's Spouse is a US Marine Veteran. Over the years Tara has engaged in community services on many issues including foster care operations, military benefit drives and Red Cross blood drives.

Kirstin O’Donovan is a Peak Performance Coach, Founder of Top Results Coaching and author of the book, Tapping Into Neuro-Productivity.

Kirstin's undying passion for helping people to master their mind so they can master their world is undeniable. While subtly yet skillfully inspiring change and igniting a mindset shift that leads to success, she empowers people to create the life they desire and deserve, just like she did.

Growing up in South Africa, Kirstin had a troubled teenagehood but rose above her circumstances to reinvent her life. She moved to Spain and started her business amidst a crisis, overcoming a myriad of challenges.

Kirstin helps people identify hindrances to success faced in today’s dynamic work environment. Leveraging her 10 years of experience coaching clients internationally in business and personal development, Kirstin empowers people to make a psychological shift to develop a winning mindset & strategy in the pursuit of their goals.

Niurka Castaneda grew up in Cuba and came from a family of entrepreneurs and artists. Her grandfather was a poet, her parent’s Cuban entrepreneurs. They were very resourceful people and why she believes she always have been enterprising and artistic.

She is the founder of Amor Umbrella Ventures, a registered trademark and DBA of Ventures C & A LLC founded in Miami, FL. Amor Umbrella is a company that initially started as a class project but quickly become a life changing endeavor. It lit the fire of entrepreneurship and sparked a journey of creativity, problem solving, personal empowerment and constant innovation.

Entrepreneurship was a way to find my identity after transitioning from the military and building a brand out a heart shaped bright red umbrella. This was the starting point for me because it captured my imagination. She was able to combine her military skills, her education, experience, and innovation with her dreams of traveling and create memories of the places visited while serving.

Just any umbrella means shelter from rain, but when you combine shelter in a red heart shape you also bring smiles, love and hope to your surrounding, environment, world and universe. Amor is about celebrating our diversity and finding ways to love the moments. Amor Umbrella represents transforming an ordinary product into something extraordinary by helping you capture the perfect experience into a treasured memory. It will not be forgotten!!!

More than a practical object that can just shield you from rain and sun, it is something that also compliments outfits and it is definitely not a throw away object.

Think of Amor Umbrella Ventures as simply a constant companion that can make a special unexpected moment unforgettable.

Amor Umbrella Ventures is equal parts e-commerce store and inspiration that under is umbrella has 3 units that offers offers both tangible, intangible products and services we focus on as a way to encourage positive change and solutions that, as a newly separated veteran she faced. She felt a need to create and find a new purpose in life as an entrepreneur, through trial and error, found that her story can also be used to empower and inform others that are thinking of starting their own entrepreneurial journey by helping ignite. The 3 departments that Amor Umbrella Ventures focus on under is umbrella are: Education, Brand Development & Media.

We Are The Mighty (WATM) is the premier media brand for the 133 million “mega-niche” community of America’s military, veterans and their families.

WATM’s veteran creators capture this community’s voice with original, multi-platform media, branded campaigns and high-profile events. WATM is committed to making a positive impact in the community we serve. Our unique insights, guidance and project leadership provide distinct value to brands, businesses, and anyone looking to authentically connect with our nation’s military-veteran community. For more information, go to, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Israel Duran is recognized as a mentor who helps Visionary Entrepreneurs discover, design & deliver their gift to the world!

Israel is in high demand as a business consultant, speaker, and trainer in the 4 pillars of business that he specializes in, branding, marketing, sales and operations. In less than 7 years he has built several businesses and has empowered 1000s of purpose-driven entrepreneurs worldwide. His vision is to train visionaries on how to leverage their expertise and knowledge to create profitable businesses that impact individuals, businesses and the world.

Through his simple 3 step proven and transferable process, Israel is able to accelerate businesses by helping them discover crystal clear clarity into their purpose, teaching them how to design their gifted solutions and showing them how to deliver their messages effectively to the world. He is known for his ability to unlock the best in others and position them to profit with purpose.

If you are a Visionary who is serious about growing your business by leveraging the service of speaking online or offline, Israel Duran is one of the few people who can assist you in that desired outcome.

Israel has consulting clients whose businesses are doing 6 and 7 figures + in revenue using the business optimization strategies Israel taught them.

Combat Boxes is a monthly subscription box service dedicated to supporting the Veteran businesses in our community.

As a Veteran owned business ourselves, we're dedicated to providing the highest quality services and products to our customers.

Veteran business need your support, these men and women are starting over and need some compassion and support from all American's on their new journey back to civilian life. Your purchase will help multiple veteran business.

Our founding members have been working within the Veteran community since 2014. From non-profit organizations to podcasts, we've been involved with supporting our soldiers and vets since the beginning.

Scars and Stripes Coffee is a company on a unique mission to empower veterans to start their own business and aid them as they reintegrate into civilian life and ensure that they are set up to succeed. There is no known for-profit company like this that is empowering veterans with such a financial and social network.
Started by Chad Watts and Lt. Col. Brad Dean this organisation is really making a difference in the lives of Veterans all over this country.

I started my adult life by joining the United States Air Force in the days following the September 11th attacks. The Air Force made me a combat videographer and journalist. When I left the service I went right to graduate school for the first time.

There’s no doubt, I thoroughly enjoy learning. I have degrees in Graphic Design, Television Radio Film, Public Relations, International Relations, and Business Strategy and Innovation. I also hold certificates in Journalism and Middle Eastern Affairs.

My work includes great names like ABC News, NBC, HBO Sports, The White House, Business Insider, Fox News, BBC 4,, and Military Times but also includes agencies who do incredible work in their own right; organizations like the Near East Foundation, USAID, the US Agency for Global Media, and the Broadcasting Board of Governors, just to name a few.

I see every assignment as a creative problem which requires a creative solution. I enjoy the process of finding that solution as much as I enjoy the solution itself.

Judy Skilling is a Certified High Performance Coach and U.S. Navy Veteran. She works with military members and veteran entrepreneurs to help maximize their productivity in life & business and to enhance their wellness so that they have an increase in day-to-day energy, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

She is passionate about giving and serving the veteran and military community in any way possible. She volunteers as a mentor with the Veterati organization and has been featured in numerous publications such as Entrepreneur magazine, Medium, and Thrive Global. She has also been on numerous podcasts such as "Dare to be Authentic" with Mari Mitchell, "Dreamers Succeed" with Berta Medina, and "Keeping Up The Conversation" with Tori Talbert and Big Ken.

You can find more information about Judy Skilling by visiting her website at

Soldier Girl Coffee is a company that is dedicated to not only inspiring Veterans and aiding in suicide prevention but also to serving Americans the best coffee. Started in January this year, this organisation, started by Carrie Beavers is determined to make a difference in a real and impactful way.

The Founder, Carrie Beavers, served Active Duty for a decade in the army as a Combat Medic. She worked as an Emergency Room Technician, Certified Nurse’s Aide and holds a nursing degree. She has worked in many settings from hospitals to nursing homes and occupational healthcare.

She has spent the last year reaching out to veterans and working with a Veteran Crisis Team in an effort to reach out to those who are struggling and help them to cope with all they have been through, having experienced PTSD herself.

She started a Facebook group, Vetrepreneurs as a platform to help empower small businesses run by female veterans as well as those looking to start their own businesses, thus creating a network and support system for each other.

With the launch of her own business, Soldier Girl Coffee earlier this year she uses mostly female ambassadors for her company hoping that it can empower and inspire women everywhere.

Customers also have the option to round up their total purchase amount, which goes to a non-profit organisation that helps to get veterans outdoors and engage in activities such as fishing and hiking, which she believes is one solution to prevent Veteran Suicide.

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Patriot PAWS Service Dogs is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that trains and provides service dogs of the highest quality at no cost to disabled Veterans. It all started in 2005 when Lori Stevens, the Founder and Executive Director, was asked to help a group of disabled Veterans train their dogs. She identified that there was a strong need that needed in the Veteran community for service dogs.

Patriot PAWS Service Dogs is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that trains and provides service dogs of the highest quality at no cost to disabled Veterans. It all started in 2005 when Lori Stevens, the Founder and Executive Director, was asked to help a group of disabled Veterans train their dogs. She identified that there was a strong need in the Veteran community for service dogs. Since then, Patriot PAWS has grown from a small group of volunteer trainers working out of a two-room office, into a 3.5 acre campus that includes a dedicated training building, state-of-the-art kennel facilities, on-site veterinary clinic, a hospitality house for visiting Veterans, and the organization’s administrative offices.

Their small paid staff is assisted by multiple volunteers from all walks of life who help with the training, veterinary care and fundraisers on their behalf. Every year they place about 25-30 Patriot PAWS Service Dogs with disabled Veterans. So far they have placed more than 230 dogs with grateful recipients in more than 30 states.

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Since 2001, Kim Reilly is the Owner and Creator of SeaSide Music Management Inc., Technical Productions, OffShore Talent Agency, SeaSide Creative Concepts, Marketing and Promotions and is currently a Partner of Gulfstream Park - Entertainment Division. Kim has also been a correspondent and influential part of The Global Podcast “Inside MusiCast” since 2006, with over 300 Podcasts and Interviews.

Having created friendships and relationships over the last 2 decades, Kim Produces Turn Key events, shows and sold out concept and concert series’. With full Artist Management and Music Business success, Kim separates herself from the labelled industry jobs and has vast knowledge in every aspect of the business.

Kim is also a partner and photographer, covering shows for Smooth Jazz Magazine, Music Magazine and so on.

Kim Reilly has and continues to enjoy friendships and working with some of the top influential names in Music such as Ambrosia, Michael McDonald, Toto, Christopher Cross, Leland Sklar, Alan Parsons, Clarence Clemons among so many others.

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Kim will be partnering with us at the VTN Commerce Club in order to help us secure top-of-the- line entertainment and acts for the show. Tune in to our website and our show to see the exciting things that will be coming up, it is going to be something you will not want to miss.

Melissa Washington is the founder and CEO of the ‘Women Veterans Alliance’, a national organization that seeks to empower and positively impact the lives of female veterans. She has also established a non-profit organisation called ‘Women Veterans Giving’.

Both of these entities offer women veterans’ opportunities to gain valuable career experience and successfully integrate back into civilian life. It also helps to fund women veteran-owned businesses, which is often overlooked by other organizations.

Melissa served in the Navy for three years in active duty and five years in reserve. This experience helped her not only to travel the globe and learn valuable lessons but ultimately is what inspired her to help transform thousands of lives. Apart from being CEO of both of these organizations she is also a public speaker and has conducted more than 100 training workshops on a broad range of topics such as career reinvention and women veterans discovering their own self worth.

Melissa has also appeared on the Dr. Phil Show, NBC, CBS, Fox and others. She authored the book ‘Get Back to Work: Smart and Savvy Real-World Strategies to make Your Next Career Move’ in 2014. She has received many awards for her work such as Sacramento Business Journal’s prestigious 40 Under 40 award and was among the Journal’s Women Who Mean Business honorees in 2017. She has also been recognized by the National Association of Women Business Owners with an Outstanding Women Leader Visionary Award and received the 2016 Soroptimist Ruby Award, which recognizes women helping women.

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The Veterans Adventure group is all about restoring teamwork and purpose to lives of veterans as well as providing support, guidance and a strong network by building up, training and equipping teams of veterans to thrive in extreme environments.

Their vision is to build highly effective teams across America that can operate independently in different extreme sports. These teams also help to bridge the gap between veterans and civilians, creating a platform for both to meet, united by their love for extreme sports. They also strive to break the ‘broken veteran’ narrative. They aim to showcase veterans thriving and being the badasses that they once were in environments where most people are merely surviving.
The founder, Justin Matejcek served as a Team Sniper with the 101st Airborne Pathfinder Company. While serving, he and his team were hit by an I.E.D. while driving from his forward operating base to support troops injured in combat. While waiting for the MEDVAC with an injured comrade he made a deal with him to climb Mt. Rainer when it was all over.

It was then that Justin made it his mission to empower veterans to accomplish amazing feats. In February of 2016 the first Rainer climb for the Veterans Adventure Group was organised and it has grown ever since and they now have 8 teams in various parts of the country that serve well over 100 veterans each year.

Some of the extreme sports that you can do with them are: mountaineering, skydiving, kite boarding, scuba diving, white-water rafting, ultra-marathon running and drag racing and this list only continues to grow.

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Stephen Paulin is a Principal and professional auctioneer with more than 45 years of experience. He works with Strategic Auction Alliance and Strategic Charity Auctions. He has called over 10,000 auction sales in his career as an auctioneer of real estate and commercial business assets as well as being a fundraising event specialist.

Mr. Paulin is a licensed real estate broker in Florida, Massachusetts also New Hampshire and routinely conducts live onsite and streaming broadcast, virtual online events in several states involving the auction sale of real estate as well as fundraising production services for charitable organizations.

Mr. Paulin is a two term Past President of The Massachusetts Auctioneers Association and was honored as the 2005 Massachusetts State Bid Calling Champion and is a graduate of the highly regarded Certified Auctioneers Institute of Indiana University.

We are very excited to have Stephen Paulin partner with us on the Stu and Laurie show. He is going to use his experience to help us raise money for some of our fabulous causes. Sign up with us and stay tuned to our website to hear about the exciting new things that we have coming up.

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AT EASE! Veterans Magazine is published by Devil Doc Publishing (DDP), a Veteran owned, up-and-coming publishing company in the North Texas area that is dedicated to the core values of honor, integrity, and truth, producing publications of excellence in content and design.

DDP is the vision of Christine Walker, a Desert Storm Veteran, having served as a Hospital Corpsman at Camp Lejeune, MCB. She has over 20 collective years of design, writing, and publishing experience, co-founding MAC Publishing & Media Group, LLC as Creative Director. Christine also brings her talents of building solid organizational structure to Devil Doc Publishing, utilizing her background in the non-profit sector.

AT EASE! Veterans magazine is a national quarterly magazine focusing on what matters to Veterans. It began with the vision to create a print & digital magazine that would give a voice to Veterans to share the stories that have forged them in the fire and have made them who they are today. This paid-subscription publication has been designed to reach generations of Veterans, old and young alike throughout the United States. It will feature Veteran Stories, ‘A Salute To Satire,’ ‘DD-214 & Beyond,’ ‘Girls & Grit,’ military history, and amazing articles written by Vets to Vets! They will also be utilizing QR Code technology to help create an interactive experience.

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Vet Radio Syndicate is a social media platform for Veterans by Veterans. It is dedicated to all of the men and women who have served or are currently serving their country. George Pardos founded vet Radio Syndicate in 2018. George is a veteran and served 4 years in the Marines and 8 years in the Army reserves.

Vet Radio Syndicate is a place where Veterans can engage with the public as well as stay up to date on current events. They have radio shows 5 days a week each focussing on the issues and happenings of today. These shows include stories and experiences of the extraordinary things that these men and women have done in service to their country and is a testament of their bravery and dedication.

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Reel Warriors Foundation (RFW) was founded in 2019 by Joseph Hummel and Nick Piscitelli. Their main objective is to create a safe and comfortable place for veterans to build friendships, establish connections to the resources that they need and get the much-needed support as they transition back to civilian life.

When military duty ends, veterans are forced to quickly acclimate to civilian life often returning to a home they haven’t seen in years, to family and friends they left behind and to a life they no longer recognize. This transition can create anxiety, stress, and depression and have a tragic impact on real life relationships. It is during this critical transition that the dangers of Post Traumatic Stress become a reality and veterans are at their most vulnerable.

Reel Warriors seeks to support veterans during this transition by inviting them to participate in fully funded fishing trips where they connect with other veterans and rebuild the support system they had during their years of service. This allows the veteran to get the resources they need from other veterans that fully understand their journey, without sacrificing their sense of self-reliance.

From their first year in 2019, the Reel Warriors Foundation has established a presence among veterans in need through their website, social media, and word of mouth. In July 13, 2019 they hosted their first free sport fishing trip with 21 veteran participants. Their efforts were so successful that by the end of our first year, RWF raised over $24k and garnered exceptional support from the sport fishing community, who provided free and discounted goods and services. In year two they have increased their funding by 40%, hosting 5 free fishing trips for 85 veterans.

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Jason Curtis is a Veteran who spent more than 6 years sailing over oceans and seas in service to his country in the Navy. He likes to help other entrepreneurs build their businesses and increase their revenue to win in this game of life. He is currently a sales representative at North American Bancard.

Jason has signed up with the VTN Commerce Club and through this partnership you can gain exclusive benefits. By working with Jason businesses and individuals can save up to 50% on rates with this major service corporation. If you want to know more about this amazing offer you can on:

VR Small is a Navy Veteran and sister to U.S. Army Retired Vietnam & Iraq Veterans, respectively. Living her personal slogan “Changing the way we see the world and do business,” VR is a motivational speakers, moderator, educator and dedicated advocate specifically for women veteran as well as women and small businesses in general—driving social and economic change across our nation.

VR testified for the original House Bill to make June 12, Women Veterans Day in Texas. This year, she led the launched of the first annual statewide Women Veterans Day Pitch Competition highlighting the innovations and economic impact of current/potential women veteran entrepreneurs. VR also participated in the “I Am Not Invisible” Campaign, a remarkable exhibit featuring 30 portraits of Texas women veterans.

VR serves on the Advisory Committee for TWU’s Center for Women Entrepreneurs and is a fellow of SMU’s Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity—Inclusive Economy, Dallas Public Voices, the Bush Institute Stand- to-Veteran Leadership Program and is featured in Dallas Innovates 2020: The Future 50 North Texans. VR serves on the 30th Congressional District Veteran Advisory Committee and was recently selected as a 2021 Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Center for Women Veterans (CWV) Trailblazers “Women Veterans Leading the Way”

VR Small is the founder and chief executive officer for the Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center (VWEC), a national initiative launched in southern Dallas to help entrepreneur women associated with the military scale for success. With more than twenty years in senior management, VR has committed most of her career to serving and effectively connecting others.

In alignment with the VWEC’s mission, VR just completed phase one of the Moments That Matter Research Project exclusively focused on women veteran owned businesses in the DFW metroplex in collaboration with the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank and has launched Moments that Matter phase two with SMU’s Hunt Institute, Global Development Lab to conduct a series of women veteran entrepreneur’s national focus groups.

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Military life often requires wearing lots of hats, and that’s especially true for Monica Fullerton the founder & CEO of Spouse-ly. Monica was recently named a Trailblazer in Tech by Military Spouse Magazine and is an ambitious entrepreneur, twin mom, and Air Force spouse.

She has long dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, but she wanted her efforts to support a greater purpose than just starting a business. In an effort to provide highly transient military families, as well as those that have previously served, a space to market their products and services regardless of their duty station, Monica launched Spouse-ly.

Spouse-ly, an online marketplace where people can buy a wide variety of handmade products and services created by military spouse & veteran-owned businesses. It is through their one-of-a-kind platform that people can shop small, shop virtually, and make a big impact.

The military spouse unemployment rate has been at 24% for nearly a decade due to the challenges of holding a traditional career that can move around with the military lifestyle. Many spouses turn to entrepreneurship to provide both flexibility & stability. Monica was so inspired by the amount of talent within the military community she knew she had to do something.

On Spouse-ly you can shop for thousands of different products and services all in one easy place while supporting our nation's heroes and their families.

Spouse-ly has been featured in SUCCESS Magazine, CNBC, The CW, We Are The Mighty, Military Families Magazine, Amazon Prime, Bloomberg TV, PenFed Credit Union & more.

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Healing 4 Heroes is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to assisting military service members and veterans to lead healthy and productive lives. Their objective is to connect wounded service members as well as those suffering from PTSD and traumatic brain injuries with A.D.A compliant service dogs.

Healing 4 Heroes serves the community by helping military personnel and veterans as well as local animal shelters by rescuing suitable dogs. By doing this, our military personnel and veterans, after being wounded both physically and mentally, are able to move forward and live more productive lives with the assistance of service animals.

Healing 4 Heroes was rated one of the top 30 Veteran non-profits in the US in 2020 and 2019 by and great Nonprofits.

The Founder, Piper Hill is a lifetime member of the Reserve Officer Association and The Disabled Veterans of America. She is also a member of the American Legion Post 50 and an honorary member of The Marine Corps League in Peachtree City and Griffin, GA.

She was selected a 2017 Atlanta Braves Community Hero, and a 2016 national finalist in Crown Royal’s Hometown Heroes NASCAR’s Rename The Brickyard 400 ‘Your Hero’s Name Here’.

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Robyn Grable is the Founder and CEO of Veterans ASCEND, which she created to connect employers and military talent, improving corporate bottom lines as well as the lives of America’s service heroes and their families. Her unwavering commitment to veteran employment is well-served by her corporate and military experience, including more than 30 years of private sector human resources after nine years of service in the U.S. Navy.

Her on-going study of America’s veteran workforce has made her a leading voice on the barriers and keys to success for their employment. She is a seasoned speaker and media resource, earning respect and praise from her peers.

In the private sector she focused primarily on workforce management, human capital planning, recruitment, process and procedure evaluation, strategic alignment and relationship management. She created skills assessment programs at blue chip companies McDonald’s Corporation and McGraw-Hill and during her tenure as a Strategic Client Partner at ADP, a leading human capital management firm, Robyn successfully managed and grew the largest client portfolio of Fortune 100 companies.

Robyn enlisted in the United States Navy immediately after high school in 1979, serving for nine years at the height of the Cold War. She received a Meritorious Unit Commendation while deployed to Keflavik, Iceland and the Navy Achievement Medal while stationed at the U.S. Command Center for the Pacific Fleet Pearl Harbor. For dedication to her profession and civilian community service, Robyn was awarded the Navy League Award.

Committed to giving back, Robyn has volunteered for American Red Cross, The MS Society, United Way, March of Dimes, Upstate Warrior Solution, IVMF Mentor Program, STRIVE Mentor, Veterans Treatment Court and Vantage Point Foundation. She is a member of SHRM and advises the Workforce Readiness Council of the Greenville SHRM chapter.

Today through her company Veteran’s Ascend she is focused entirely on ensuring veterans and military spouses are recognized for their skills, valued for their talent and that America’s employers realize the full value and skills of America’s heroes and military spouses, poised in the civilian workforce to truly ascend.

Veterans ASCEND is the brand of AI talent sourcing, powering an intentional hiring model that aligns talent across businesses matched on skills, location and salary requirements as it removes barriers and bias through direct connections that highlight the skills our service members, veterans and military spouses bring to an organization.

Veterans ASCEND instantly matches veterans and military family with employers. Their service is free for all military members and family. Veterans ASCEND is about facilitating a connection for an interview. It’s a fundamental shift in the foundational old way of applying with or reviewing a resume. They are all about aligning the candidate based on skills. No more translating resumes, guessing about qualifications, sitting through job fairs or missing out on hiring military talent.

Veterans ASCEND gives employers the flexibility and mobility to create a pipeline of qualified candidates always at the ready. Decreasing time to fill. Increasing productivity and retention.

Veterans ASCEND makes the connection.

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Carol Watanabe is the Founder of the charity ‘Little Patriots Embraced’ and the Founder and CEO at ‘Defenders Gateway’.

Carol started the charity ‘Little Patriots Embraced’ in 2004 and it has helped more than 76,000 military children since then. This charity is dedicated to strengthening the lives of Military children and their families while their loved ones protect and defend our freedom. Through her volunteer service with this charity she came face-to-face with the struggles that many young military families face.

To help solve these problems Carol started ‘The Defenders Network’, a national network consisting of Defender members and the businesses that want to show their support. Their network is supported through their web platforms and the ‘Defenders Gateway App’,

which is available free for all Defender members and their families. The app offers these families’ discounts, health and wellness information as well as jobs and business opportunities from thousands of local and national businesses and organizations.

Through this they have helped to enrich the lives of military families all over the country and have impacted their lives in a powerful way.

All of the staff working at Defenders Gateway are either honourably discharged military members, retired service members, active duty spouses or gold star family members.

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The MiLBRAND PROJECT is on a mission to advocate, raise awareness and evangelize on the immense value of individuals with military experience for employment opportunities. The MiLBRAND PROJECT is an innovate agency comprised of passionate veterans & veteran advocates who are committed and dedicated to helping US Service Members and employers engage more effectively together.

They help businesses leverage the best resources to accelerate brand awareness, source talent, and corporate citizenship. Their purpose is to help businesses & employers to support, engage, attract & retain veterans & military spouses. They also support and validate new veteran start-up companies go to market.

The MiLBRAND PROJECT deploys non-traditional internal and external engagement solutions coupled with leading practices that go beyond what you get from job boards and hiring events. They specialize in building sustainable programs that promote a stronger employer brand to attract those with military experience through social media, TV, strategic partnerships & the military community. In addition, they create innovative projects and events that give companies added value in marketing their businesses as military friendly & military ready.

To know more about this amazing organization and how you can be associated with them you can visit them here:
The MiLBRAND PROJECT - : About | LinkedIn

Camaraderie Foundation’s mission is to provide healing for the “invisible wounds of war” through counselling, emotional and spiritual support for all branches of Post-9/11 Veterans, Service Members and their families.

They provide Veterans and their families with support, encouragement and counselling to alleviate the stress associated with their transition from the battlefield back into society by building a strong community of support around them. They are truly Saving Lives – Saving Families.

Camaraderie Foundation provides access to mental health counselling services, at no expense, to Post-9/11 Veterans, Service Members and their families. These warriors and their families experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Military Sexual Trauma, divorce, substance abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse and other issues.

So far they have touched the lives of more than 38,000 veterans and this number continues to grow

To know more about this amazing organization and how you can be associated with them you can visit them here:

Founded by Amanda Farinelli and Steve Palek, Auxilia brings donors and non-profits together. Auxilia is an organization focused on making social impact through donor management software.

Their Donation Management System is a comprehensive donor software that modernizes the giving experience, simplifies outreach and provides greater organizational transparency. It's a modern solution that enables you to shift your attention back to where it matters most: Your mission.

Amanda Farinelli is a business professional and advocate in the non-profit space. She is an individual who has dedicated her career to help small and mid-size non-profits grow their mission and expand their outreach. Her expertise lies in employee engagement and building a sense of community and culture that individuals are able to thrive in.

She currently serves as Vice President and

Secretary on the Board of KIOTA Global, a non-profit organization that empowers women and underserved communities through quality education, good health, economic resiliency and advocacy. Amanda is passionate about gender equality is committed to empowering women and inspiring hope.

With over 15 years of experience, Steve Palek is a dynamic, solution-oriented and proven strategic leader in both enterprise and start-up organizations. Steve’s personal mission is to serve non-profits, and he dedicates his efforts to help them go from surviving to thriving. He applies that same philosophy to his own organization and is passionate about building teams that

become family – while utilizing each employee’s unique experiences to solve daily problems. An active volunteer in the community, Steve currently sits on the board of three non-profits – Kiota Global, Vijana Africa and Kids Turn San Diego – and is quickly becoming a rising influencer for non-profit organizations.

Auxilia is composed of a dedicated group of individuals empowering communities to answer the call of giving. For them, Auxilia isn’t just a platform or donation management software; it is their mission. It’s their goal to connect charitable organizations and generous individuals to empower knowledgeable decision-making, while strengthening relationships to encourage donations through their donor portal.

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Hire G.I. is on a mission: to change the world one Veteran at a time. They strive to build a better working world by using their 20 years of recruiting experience to create a pipeline of the best talent in the world to the civilian workforce.

Military service develops people into the most effective and progressive leaders. Each of their candidates is thoroughly prepared with the right tools, training, and work experience to be positioned in the best role suited for organizations.

Hire G.I. as an organization is and expert when it comes to the military transition process and have strong credibility in the Veteran industry. Their network with the military community and more than 50 military bases globally enables them to recruit the best professionals like no other company. Their vetted reputation and proven results has provided a strong synergistic human capital ROI for all their clients.

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Supporters of Law Enforcement (S.O.L.E) is a non-profit, donation based organization run by volunteers, They are dedicated to taking care of those who take care of us by ensuring the overall well-being of law enforcement in local communities. They are committed to being there for law enforcement officers during illnesses, crises or injuries.

They strive to support law enforcement officers through times of long deployment or other unforeseen circumstances. They also help to further relations between law enforcement and local communities.

Founded by Nate Boggs, S.O.L.E. was created with the goal to volunteer and lend support, and to ensure that no one is left behind. Nate has been a law enforcement officer since 2002 and is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2017 and made it through spinal surgery and aggressive chemotherapy with the support of co-workers and family. For Nate, this is a way to pay it forward and give it back to the people who helped him make it through.

If you want to know more about this amazing organization you can visit their website:

The Florida Veterans Foundation was founded in 2008, by the Florida Legislature to improve the quality of life for Veterans in Need. The Foundation serves as the state-wide lead organization for Florida veterans and their families, by providing direct services and partnering with state and local governments, veteran service organizations, and educational institutions to improve their physical, financial, mental, emotional, and social well-being. They currently serve 1.5 million veterans in Florida.

The Florida Veteran Foundation is supported by individual and corporate donations, grants, fundraisers and direct public support that help them to execute their mission of providing emergency and support services and programs for Veterans and their families across the state of Florida.

The President and CEO of Florida Veterans Foundation, Lew Wilson, is a United States Marine Veteran. He is also the owner of DoodleDog Productions where he is a producer, writer, author, inventor, emcee, and he also serves as a membership, marketing and fundraising consultant.His volunteer work includes over thirty-five years of service to many boards and committees for the betterment of seniors, veterans and children.

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John Preston is a Sony/Concore Entertainment recording artist, full-time Firefighter and Marine Corps Combat Veteran. Since John emerged on the music scene in 2014, he has been a topic in the media using his platform for many charitable endeavors. John has taken his place as a prominent figure in the veteran and first responder communities as an advocate against suicide while opening the conversation about mental health. John has been featured in outlets such as, CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC and many more.

His music, which is as notable as his presence in the press, has received many accolades including being nominated for LA Music Awards Best Rock Vocals and appearing multiple times on the iTunes top 150 rock.

John is also the founder of 22 and You, a movement to save the lives of first responders and veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress (PTS). The movement began when John embarked on a 630-mile hike from Palo Alto to San Diego, which was inspired by the loss of John’s older brother Michael. After Michael’s passing in January of 2016, John put two singles about combatting suicide into the DRT Top 20 and iTunes Top 200, charting with some of the most popular Rock and Pop artists in the world. The success of his music was gaining attention to the matter, but John never found a way to fully express the experience of losing his brother with words alone. He thought if he put himself through horrific physical pain, he may be able to finally express to the world the pain of losing a loved one to suicide. 22 miles a day, 28 days, with a 22-kilogram rucksack.

The endeavor caught the attention of many, including his fellow first responders and veterans who showed up in force to walk alongside John. Encouraged by John’s perseverance, these fellow hikers shared their own personal battles and stories of loss as they traversed the California coast together. John brought along a film crew also composed of veterans and first responders to document the experience, and the film is currently heading into post-production. The finished product will be a docuseries of the hike entitled #ShareTheWeight. The story will depict the struggles of mental health and feature John’s personal story of triumph following loss as well as the stories of his fellow hikers.

Altogether, these honest and heartrending depictions capture the movement that John founded based on his own tragedy to help others to heal and move forward despite overwhelming mental and emotional obstacles.

John’s next project is an album that has been written and recorded which will release shortly as the soundtrack for the documentary.

If you want to know more you can visit their website:

Project UnBreakable was founded in 2015 by Kimberly and Justin Lee. Project Unbreakable is set up to help military, veterans, and first responders who are struggling with PTSD and other mental illnesses. Their mission is to bring more awareness to the current issues centered around the negative stigma associated with mental health as well as focusing on suicide prevention.

Justin Lee is the Cofounder of Project UnBreakable as well as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. He served as an Air Force Missile and Space Systems Maintenance team chief, instructor, quality assurance, and systems matter expert. Justin was a member of the Missile Handling Team at both

assignments and was later assigned to the ICBM Systems Directorate where he was Non-commissioned Officer in charge over Product Support. During his 13 years in the Air Force he was an integral part of the Minuteman III Propulsion Replacement Program, development of the current GBSD program as well as the development of the new Minuteman III Transporter Erector.

Justin was medically retired from the Air Force in May of 2016. He then completed his Master’s degree through Northwestern University with honors, focusing on clinical mental health counselling. He hopes to become a clinical supervisor and prove to those who have struggled with their mental health that with the proper therapy anything is possible.

Kim Lee is also the Cofounder of Project UnBreakable. She has graduated from Arizona University with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. She served as an Air Force Security Forces member while being assigned to FE Warren AFB, WY and Balad Airbase Iraq.

Kim entered the Air Force in 2006 and served as security for missile maintenance teams working on the Minuteman III ICBM. In 2009, she was deployed to Balad Iraq where her and her team ran combat patrols as well as served as a Quick Reaction Force.

Kim separated from the Air Force in 2010 after serving 9 months in Iraq. After her departure, she moved back to her home state and put herself through the Weber State Police Academy. Immediately after graduation, she was hired by the Brigham City Police Department where she worked for 2 years and was well respected by the community. She then transferred to Chubbuck Police Department in Idaho, where she would work another 2 years again gaining the respect of her fellow officers and community. Sadly, after she was injured on the job, Kim had to leave law enforcement which propelled her into another passion she has.

If you want to know more project Unbreakable you can visit their website: