Variety Television Network

Variety Television Network (VTN) is the production company for The Stu and Laurie Variety Hour, a classic variety show updated for today. Its star-studded family entertainment is designed to brings the generations together.

Stu and Laurie will feature big-name musical guests, sketch comedy, magic acts, spectacular dance numbers, stand-up, stunning visual effects, games and giveways that Boomer and Millennial families will enjoy every week.

VTN Commerce Club

The VTN Commerce Club is a community of buyers and sellers joined together to make a positive impact on the world through entertainment and shopping. Together we raise money and awareness for veterans, first responders, and dedicated charities. And we have fun doing it!

Shoppers can follow special promotions from The Stu and Laurie Variety Hour on the VTN Commerce Club to win prizes, cash, and special discounts every week. Your purchases on the Club will support businesses owned by veterans, first responders and other businesses dedicated to showing appreciation for our American heroes.

Club merchants will offer shoppers exclusive discounts only found here. And they will gain TV exposure for their brands and companies through a variety of opportunities to be featured on The Stu and Laurie Variety Hour.



The VTN Commerce Club is the only online marketplace that integrates entertainment TV with online shopping. Discover great deals and great brands while you enjoy uplifting family entertainment.

Benefits of Entertainment Shopping


Cash and Prizes Awarded
Every Week

Join the fun every week for your chance to win product giveaways and coupons, instant-win games, sweepstakes grand prizes, and cash prizes of up to $5,000.


Where Buying and Selling
Makes a Difference

With every purchase you make on the VTN Commerce Club, you will help support a cause that makes a positive difference in the world for veterans, first responders, and other dedicated charities.


Get Exclusive

VTN Commerce Club members get exclusive discounts on thousands of products and services from VTN Merchants.

Variety Reimagined for Today

The Stu and Laurie Variety Hour revives the beloved TV variety show format with an updated twist for today’s viewers. Like the classic variety shows of old, it is wholesome family fun and the perfect antidote to the divisive and harsh programming that is so prevalent on entertainment TV today. The program combines these elements with high-end digital effects, animation and virtual reality-like productions to reimagine the visual experience. The format, with its short segments and fast pace is perfectly suited for how people consume entertainment today. It’s like a live version of the internet!

Ad-Free Entertainment TV

The Stu and Laurie Variety Hour is the first to seamlessly integrate brands into the program so you can enjoy the show without the interruption of TV advertising. Instead, you experience brands through SponsorMagic segments that entertain through sketches, songs, product placements, demos, and other storytelling highlights.


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The most recognized male figure skating star in the world, Scott Hamilton has won 70 titles, including an Olympic gold medal in 1984. Since then he has shared his enthusiasm for the sport as a TV analyst/commentator, performer, producer, and best-selling author. He also inspires others as a speaker, humanitarian, and as a cancer survivor. In 2014 he launched The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, which supports research that accelerates the advancement of less toxic treatment for isolated cancers and tumors with precision proton beam therapy and prevention of the spread of cancer with targeted immunotherapy drugs.

Ivan Misner is a humanitarian, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and business networking consultant for major corporations and associations around the world. He is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Business Network International, the world’s largest business networking organization with 8,400 chapters worldwide. Last year BNI generated 9.1 million referrals, which resulted in $13.1 billion in sales. It is no wonder CNN calls him “the father of modern networking.” Ivan is business development advisor for the VTN Commerce Club.

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